Yarn and Needles – just what the doctor ordered

Most of the time, knitting for me is great therapy.  Watching stitches turn into fabric is a soothing, multi-sensory pleasure that calms me and helps take my mind off my troubles and helps me think more clearly.  It’s also an effective distraction from the nerve-wracking business of watching the Canucks’ playoff games.  I think Virginia Woolf said once that knitting was the saving of life and I couldn’t agree more.   I found working on my latest project very healing indeed.  A co-worker and his wife recently had their first daughter, Ariane.  As I always do when starting something new, I feverishly scoured Ravelry and my copious library to find just the right project.  I first thought a February Baby Sweater was in order but I’ve made so many of those before – I wanted something new.  As soon as I saw Baby Kina by Muriel Agator, I knew I had found the perfect little cardie for a summertime baby.  Here’s my version in a lovely robin’s egg blue Sirdar Snuggly DK with shell buttons.  I’ve also made some matching Baby Janes by Wandering Cat (aka Valerie Johnson) to coordinate.  Ain’t it a purty outfit?