Interweave eMags for iPad – LaceKnits and ColorKnits 2012

LaceKnits and ColorKnits 2012

Notwithstanding the controversy on some Ravelry boards about how Interweave’s latest eMags are available only for the iPad, I feel as though I must tell the world how wonderful they are and why you should buy them.  I’m not exaggerating when I say these digital magazines make iPads worth every single penny.  (For the record, I have no affiliation with Interweave  or Apple – I just love their products.)

These unique products maximize the amazing capability of the iPad.  If you have one, you already know that the retina display and touchscreen transform content into a visual delight.  With LaceKnits and ColorKnits 2012 (I only have previous issues of Sockupied on my Mac but I’m pretty sure they’re a knockout on iPad too).  And if you don’t want to carry your iPad with you, it’s super easy to save the pattern PDFs to GoodReader, DropBox or any other app you like using. 

LaceKnits is perfect for anyone who loves knitting lace, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or newbie. 

ColorKnits explores using colour to make the most of your knitting.  (BTW, I’m Canadian so when I’m not using the copyrighted title ColorKnits, I’m going to spell “colour” the right way.  J)

As with all of Interweave’s eMags, they each include several beautiful patterns, informative articles and tons of interactivity, including live links, videos and pop-ups.  At $4.99 each, that’s a pretty good deal considering how much content there is and the number of patterns included. Besides they’re a great resource and lots of fun to use.

Inside LaceKnits


The patterns in LaceKnits are:

There’s also a cool video of Ysolda Teague talking about why she loves lace.  Franklin Habit writes about Shetland Lace, and there’s an awesome article about joining halves of a stole invisibly with a revolutionary grafting method.  Also, Sivia Harding will teach you how to design a triangular shawl and Margaret Stove will talk about designing with lace.  Also included are yarn reviews, blocking tips, and a history lesson about lace through the ages.

Inside ColorKnits

ColorKnits 2012

ColorKnits 2012 is subtitled “A Fresh Look at Technique and Tradition” and this eMag is just that.  It’s easy for knitters to get stuck in a colour rut (i.e. I have been addicted to purple and pink my whole flippin’ life!).  I bought this eMag to help me learn to see colour differently and expand my palette. You’ll find these patterns:

  • Complementary Cowl by Ann Weaver
  • Logwood Pullover by Michele Rose Orne
  • Maarika Bag by Lucinda Guy
  • Sea Ranch Beret by Alice Starmore
  • Rilievi Scarf by Heather Zoppetti
    (note: not all the patterns are linked to Ravelry yet but you can get more info and see pics of each project on the Knitting Daily blog)

You can read Anne Merrow’s profile of Ms. Starmore, learn about intarsia and embroidery techniques, how to use a colour wheel to choose yarn colours and discover the yarns of Swans Island Yarns in Maine.

Just do it 

If you knit and have an iPad, these eMags are gotta-haves.  If you don’t have an iPad, seriously think about saving your pesos and getting one.  You’ll be glad you did.

Go now to the Interweave Store and follow the link to the Apple iTunes store for the free apps (there’s a separate app for each publicaton), then buy the eMags for $4.99 each.  Enjoy!  You can thank me later.

Note: All photos in this post are © Interweave Knits


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