A Perfect Summer’s Evening

One of my favourite Office episodes is on right now. It’s the one where Pam has an art show at the community centre and she invites everyone from work to come. No one shows up except Oscar and his boyfriend. Not knowing Pam is standing right behind him, the boyfriend condescendingly declares her work to be “motel art” at best. Standing behind him in her navy jumper and purple turtleneck, the sleeves pulled down over her hands, she is obviously crushed. Later as she starts to take down her paintings, Michael comes running in, out of breath from racing across town to get there. He was so impressed by her work – “Wow, you did these free-hand? These could be tracings!” She was so touched that he showed up and that he saw and appreciated her talent. Of course, it’s also the episode where Dwight K. Schrute throws a garbage bag over Meredith’s head to catch the bat that had been living in the ceiling tiles. And Michael is invited by Ryan the Temp to be a professor emeritus, er, guest speaker at his business school class. After tearing up a text book (“you can’t learn from books!”) and tossing a selection of chocolate bars at the students while trying make business metaphors, he realizes Ryan has made a fool of him and he storms out, angry that the class has failed to appreciate the beauty of a paper-filled world. Poor Michael.

Now that the Office is over, I just put a deep-dish peach pie with pecan streusel topping into the oven. Soon the house will be wafting with a lovely cinnamon/cardamon/nutmeg scent. Erik is out right now and will be delighted to find a pie waiting for him.

As for knitting, I’ve put sock #2 on hold and I’m working on a beautiful little shrug for Veronica to wear with her grad dress later next month. I’m using some yarn from my prodigious stash, Elann Highland Silk that I bought ages ago – it’s a perfect match for the cream and blue linen/cotton sundress.

On a thread on the Mad Men group on Ravelry, I read about some gorgeous MM-themed sock yarn from See Jayne Knit. The colourway is called Don Falling Out the Window and is a lush red, black and white multi – same colour scheme as the show’s opening credits. Since I’m pretty sure no one loves Don Draper more than me, I knew I had to have it and ordered it immediately from Jayne’s etsy store. Check it out. She has loads of beautiful hand-dyed yarn and delightful handmade stitch markers, too.

Oh, and I thought I’d show you something else I bought online: some awesome vintage Doc Martens, also found on etsy, this time from Bootmeister’s shop. I fell in love immediately with the delicious lilac colour and snapped them up -like. (N.B. this is Bootmeister’s photo.)

I have a billion things to do before next Monday when we leave on vacay. More to report on that later. Happy baking and happier knitting!

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