Rose Song, Zen Cardigan and Shit Knitters Say

Snowbird Rose Song Shawl – Carol Feller

Carol Feller (aka Littlefellers of is one of those designers whose work I just adore. She’s a master of textured fabric – I just love what she does with cables and YOs. I’ll never live long enough to make all of my favourite Stolen Stitches designs, but crossed off my bucket list this week: her Rose Song shawl. Not only is it probably the fastest shawl you’ll ever make (I zipped it off in less than 24 hours – you gotta love 8 mm needles), but it’s simply beautiful. And as always with Carol’s creations, the pattern is well-written and easy to follow.

Snowbird Rose Song – blocking

Carol Feller’s original Rose Song

I fell in love with the yummy fuschia yarn she used for the original, Fyberspates Chunky Scrumptious Solid, but knew I’d have to substitute something more affordable. Turns out I didn’t have to go shopping for yarn at all. After finishing my POP Blanket, I had heaps of cream Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool left over. I hadn’t envisioned my Rose Song in creamy winter white, but it works beautifully. Not only did it knit perfectly to gauge, but I think it’s gorgeous and who doesn’t love a white rose?

Snowbird Rose

Another FO – Zen Cardigan

I’m especially happy with my Zen Cardigan. The yarn is perfect (it washes and machine dries very nicely) and it’s just adorable with the little shell buttons. I also whipped up a coordinating beret from Debbie Bliss’ Simply Baby. Just the thing for a well-dressed baby girl about town.

Zen Cardigan






Une petite béret










Shit Knitters Say

I love this! I especially like the reference to sneaking yarn into the house. “My husband can’t know I’ve bought more yarn.”

Enjoy – and happy knitting y’all!

Blanket Statement – Jennifer Lori’s Lullaby Blanket

This is the very talented Jennifer Lori‘s Lullaby Blanket which I made for my niece who is due later this month.  It is simply breathtaking and has been one of my very most favourite projects – a pleasure to knit from start to finish. Watching the “Hush Baby, Sleep Baby” text unfold one row at a time was magical.  I completed it a while ago but am just now getting around to posting about it.  (Interesting note and not so minor miracle: I didn’t make a single mistake on this project – not a single screw-up! I’m hoping the cosmos will send me a prize for that.) A perfect combo of beautiful design, a well-written pattern and a really lovely yarn.

Yarn and Needles – just what the doctor ordered

Most of the time, knitting for me is great therapy.  Watching stitches turn into fabric is a soothing, multi-sensory pleasure that calms me and helps take my mind off my troubles and helps me think more clearly.  It’s also an effective distraction from the nerve-wracking business of watching the Canucks’ playoff games.  I think Virginia Woolf said once that knitting was the saving of life and I couldn’t agree more.   I found working on my latest project very healing indeed.  A co-worker and his wife recently had their first daughter, Ariane.  As I always do when starting something new, I feverishly scoured Ravelry and my copious library to find just the right project.  I first thought a February Baby Sweater was in order but I’ve made so many of those before – I wanted something new.  As soon as I saw Baby Kina by Muriel Agator, I knew I had found the perfect little cardie for a summertime baby.  Here’s my version in a lovely robin’s egg blue Sirdar Snuggly DK with shell buttons.  I’ve also made some matching Baby Janes by Wandering Cat (aka Valerie Johnson) to coordinate.  Ain’t it a purty outfit?