BOOK REVIEW – Little Red in the City

Want to knit a sweater that actually fits?

I’m just going to say it: Little Red in the City is simply awesome.  The book contains patterns for 7 ultra pretty sweaters but what it’s actually about is fit and technique.  Anyone who can knit can make a sweater, but if you really want a perfect fit and loads of compliments, no matter what your size, following Scottish knitting guru Ysolda Teague’s dead-easy instructions is the key.

Ysolda’s six simple steps to successful sweaters
Learn these simple steps can be applied to practically anything you knit:
  • Yarn Selection – choose wisely and avoid unnecessary frogging
  •  Swatching – world’s greatest time-saver
  •  Taking Measurements (come on, be honest!)
  •  Choosing Your Right Size
  •  Creating the Perfect Fit (contented sigh…)
  •  Blocking – it ain’t over til it’s blocked
Knitting how-to’s that add polish
These easy to follow techniques will transform your knitting:
  • provisional cast on (easy-peasy lemon-squeezy)
  • tubular cast on (this will change your life)
  • three (yup, count ‘em, three) short row methods
  • one-row buttonholes (two rows is so yesterknit)

Who should buy Little Red in the City?

Obviously Ysolda can see into my soul and wrote this book just for me. But since each pattern is available in up to 17 sizes with bust sizes ranging from 28-60”, knitters from beginner to expert of any size or shape who want gorgeous sweaters and to learn new skills from a knitting goddess will adore Little Red in the City as much as I do.

My favorite sweater pattern – Chickadee-dee-dee

All 7 patterns are delightful, and I especially love Cria’s pockets and ingenious seamless set-in sleeves, but the sweater that chirps my name the loudest is Chickadee.  Any cardigan that combines cute little birdies with top-down seamless construction sets my heart a-flutter.

Chickadee – a little birdie told me to knit this cardigan
Cria – a garter and stocking stitch delight
Where to buy Little Red in the City?

Little Red in the City is available through or your LYS.  I found mine while holidaying in Chicago at Loopy Yarns.  Or you can order the book directly from Ysolda’s site for £20 (or £17 for the digital version only).

Bonus e-book

The hard copy of the book includes a unique code to redeem for a complimentary download of the pdf e-book.  Be sure to log in to your Ravelry account before you redeem and the e-book will be filed directly into your library.

There is no good reason NOT to own this book – no one can resist the genius of Ysolda.  Buy it now – you won’t regret it.

Happy knitting!